The First Book of Last Times
"There was, of course, a last time you were carried sleeping from the car. The occasion was neither celebrated nor remarked unless your dad said something like: “Holy cow! This kid’s a moose. From now on he walks.”

     And so you did. The next time your folks came in late, your dad squeezed your shoulder and shook you gently, saying, “We’re home. Wake up. Let’s go.” And obligingly, you trundled into the house, bouncing off furniture and walls until you crawled into bed where somebody later came and undressed you and tucked you in and perhaps pressed lips against your cheek.

     There was a last time for that, too."

This charming book, written by the incomparable Palm Beach Post humor columnist Ron Wiggins ( and illustrated by yours truly) is back in print through Amazon.  No one does nostalgia or writes about parenting better than Wiggins.

Originally published by Cox Media and later Andrews and McMeel in  1988, it was a best seller with readers who bought copies by the armload. Okay- that's an exaggeration but the book did very well.

It can be yours again for $9.95 for a single copy or $99.50 for an armload.

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