Barbra Wants You To Eat Recycled Cake

In a recent interview in Politico, Ms. Streisand reveals her passion for conservation and environmentalism. Who knew?

In her "interview" she laments that "a lot of time was lost over the past eight years to make the necessary drastic and critical changes in our behavior in order to curb climate change. "

She urges us to "help in this fight. ... by filling up the air in their tires, replacing older lightbulbs [with] newer, energy-saving ones, driving a hybrid vehicle, carpooling, bringing your own bags to the grocery store, installing low-flow showerheads, unplugging unused appliances and recycling."

While she praises Henry "Shotgun" Waxman's Cap and Trade bill to curb our (read "the little people") voracious, earth murdering appetites for energy, it doesn't go far enough!

"I just hope one day soon the country will wake up and fully realize that we need to step up in a major way in order to avoid catastrophic demographic dislocation in the years ahead."

Here comes the punchline -visit Barbra's personal Versaille- complete with energy-saving lightbulbs!

Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0709/24753.html#ixzz0Ltr1gJMi

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