Party On, Ted!

Love him or hate him, nobody can deny Edward Moore Kennedy's greatness as a United States Senator. Deeply flawed and larger than life, Teddy bore the tragedies of his family with heartbreaking dignity and strength.

I'll save the hard stuff about this bare-knuckled politician for after the canonization.


Rest In Peace, Funny Man!

Robert Novak died this week.

I discovered Novak on cable tv thirty years ago. He was always a riot to watch- whether on Crossfire, Evans and Novak or any number of talk show panels the "Prince of Darkness" always looked liked he would explode at any moment. A lifelong Democrat turned passionate conservative, he actually did boil over and walk off a program a few years ago.

Above all, Robert Novak was a great, old school reporter. Not the last of his kind- there are still some great reporters covering Washington- but his passing is particularly poignant because the newspaper business is dying with him. He was a constant reminder of how important great reporters are to a free society.

Dancing With The Scars

Texas Republican Tom "The Hammer" Delay (R) had to step down from his lofty position as House Majority Leader in 2006 to face charges that he violated state campaign finance laws. The case has yet to be tried in court.

Bloody but unbowed and instilled with the indomitable spirit of Alamo hero Sam Houston, Delay is facing his own "General Santa Anna" when he competes in this season's Dancing With the Stars.

Except that his "Mexican Army" are B-list "celebrities" like Kelly Osbourne and Aaron Carter and he'll be "fighting to the last man" wearing sequined buckskins and a rubber Bowie knife.


Little Big Scam

We were all elated when the little pantsuit-wearing bastard (North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il) released two journalists (?) to the husband of fellow pantsuit wearer and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Fortunately for President Obama was spared further humiliation when Clinton's husband, a former President himself, did the honor of posing for a picture with the little tyrant.

In Slate, Christopher Hitchens takes the Administration to task:

"As of last week, and as the result of a huge investment of time and energy and prestige and forced politeness, we can now claim to have reduced the North Korean prison population by exactly two, and they were going to be released anyway. In return, we have immensely gratified and flattered the man who kidnapped them and who makes a daily mockery of international law. There was even "remorse" expressed. But guess by whom? Not by the slave master who makes his territory impossible to enter and impossible to leave. A lousy day's work."


Fatso's Back

This quote from a Big Hollywood commenter sums up Moore perfectly: "Ah, but Michael Moore is the absolute, perfect, quintessential Socialist. His motto is "For me, but not for Thee". No real, sane Socialist would DREAM of actually living their beliefs. That's for the little people to do. And, compared to Michael Moore, we are all little people."




The Tollroad to Obamaland


I said it was a "green" car. I never said anything about "smart," "hybrid," "carbon footprints" or anyone's responsibility to the planet.